The Munkey Project




The Mission: Provide an opportunity to support, encourage, and raise awareness for Breast Cancer as well as provide an opportunity for those affected to be a part of a unique experience of bringing a character to life that will be used to support them and others affected.


The Vision: The Munkey Project costume will be made by hand with the assistance of individuals affected by Breast Cancer. These individuals will be currently fighting, those whom survived the fight, and family members of those whom have lost the fight. A documentary will be filmed as special things will be included and forever a part of character during the construction of this costume. The individuals will also be featured during the film as we hope to encourage and inspire others to stay strong during their battle against Breast Cancer.


The IMPACT: The Munkey Project will provide a unique experience for the individuals involved. This character will then be used to support the many different breast cancer organizations during fundraising events, community events, Breast Cancer Awareness nights at sporting events, making hospital visits to individuals affected, and more. Laughter is considered to be one of the best medicines and with a warm fuzzy embrace this character will provide an experience that many will treasure forever.


What’s Next: After the completion of The Munkey Project dolls will be made to resemble the character and will be sold to raise funds for different Breast Cancer organizations as well as many will be donated to individuals during their fight. This will also launch the pink #betheimpact shirts that will be sold to raise funds for different Breast Cancer organizations.


Goal: $2000


How to Get Involved: Donations can be made online at or Businesses or Organizations interested in becoming a sponsor or partner may contact Jerome Bartlett at (830)708-6641 or via e-mail at