The vision that


seeks to accomplish is to #betheimpact



I – Higher Impact Entertainment seeks to leave a lasting “Impression”, through its staff of professional entertainers that have performed all across the country and in every level in the professional sports entertainment industry!


M – Higher Impact Entertainment seeks to help “Motivate” others – by cheering on the home team, encouraging students to do well in school, or even boosting office morale.


P – Whatever the need may be, Higher Impact Entertainment will use “Positive” supportive entertainment.


A – Every event has a certain goal to be attained, and through their experience and knowledge Higher Impact Entertainment will do everything in their power to help “Achieve” that goal!


C – Though a few may at first be hesitant to have a unique Entertainment company assist in a special event, Higher Impact Entertainment’s expertise will give them the “Courage” and assurance that their event will be very successful!


T – And lastly, what everyone loves the most about Higher Impact Entertainment, is the flexibility and affordability – because Higher Impact Entertainment will cater to every need that might arise. Every event can be a total success as every party involved works “Together”.