Reading ROCKS!



Looking for that extra spark of encouragement to get your students excited about reading? We can help! Higher Impact Entertainment’s READING ROCKS! Assembly Program is a high-energy, interactive, and live action Reading Motivation presentation.


During the presentation our Motivational Speaker and hilarious mascot Funkey Munkey will be sharing with the students the importance of READING by using an acrostic of the word ROCKS.


RReally FUN

Reading expands your brain and gives your creativity a chance to come alive. You can read alone, with friends, and family. It doesn’t cost anything to read and you can read anywhere! Inside, outside, in a box. In a tree or with a fox! You read everyday, even when you don’t think you do. Reading is a gateway to an adventurous world. 



When it comes to reading the options or limitless! There is something for EVERYONE and there is something to read everywhere you look! You can read a book, menu, street signs, letter, postcard, comics, billboards, magazines, tv, seed packs, cereal boxes, maps, and toys! 



Reading helps improve your mood and is good for your health. People who read are more likely to be happy, relaxed, excited, funny, and adventurous. You will understand the world around you more and the topics that interest you. It will help you become more confident and be able to communicate efficiently with the people around you.



The more you read, the more you learn, and the smarter you will be! You will become more educated and powerful because knowledge is POWER! By reading you will learn about experiences, cultures, and how things work.



Our goal in life is to continue to move forward and be the very best we can possibly be. By reading and continuing our education it will pave the way for the opportunities to become whatever we want to be when we grow up. There is never an end to learning. Reading is what will help us to become successful in life.


During the 55 minute presentation our team will educate, empower, and entertain the students by using interactive games, comedic skits, and memorable illustrations that will be sure to leave a lasting impactful message.