Tired of having a boring birthday party for your child? The Funkey Munkey is the ultimate birthday entertainer! Your child will be sure to GO BANANAS at their birthday when the Funkey Munkey makes a special visit.


Birthday Parties (for kids of all ages)

  • Special gift bag for birthday boy/girl
  • Mascots’ usual jokes and hi-jinks
  • Autographs for all party attendees
  • Photo session for all attendees 

The Funkey Munkey can also help make a special delivery for that special someone! The perfect “In Case of Emergency” anniversary gift that your loved one will be sure to love and keep you out of the dog house!


Special Deliveries

  • 5-10 minute delivery appearances
  • Mascot drops in and surprises the recipient (usually at an office site)
  • Takes a few pictures
  • Signs a couple of autographs
  • Delivers a gift bag 

Other Private Events

  • Bar mitzvahs
  • Bat mitzvahs
  • Wedding receptions
  • Anniversary parties
  • Away-game viewing parties 

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