Introducing Higher Impact Entertainment’s STAAR Test Preparation Assembly Program, titled “I’m READY!” This dynamic and engaging program is specifically designed for young students who are preparing to take the STAAR Test. With its interactive elements, motivational approach, and focus on stress relief and empowerment, “I’m READY!” equips students with the necessary tools, strategies, and mindset to excel in their exams while also fostering a positive and supportive environment.

Led by a highly skilled motivational speaker and accompanied by the hilarious mascot Funkey Munkey, this 55-minute assembly program creates an energetic and inspiring atmosphere. Through the use of upbeat music, interactive games, comedic skits, and memorable illustrations, students are captivated and motivated to actively participate in their test preparation journey.

The “I’m READY!” program revolves around the acronym READY, which stands for:




Do Your Best

You Can

Each element of the acronym represents a crucial step in achieving success on the STAAR Test.

R – Reach: “I’m READY!” encourages students to set high goals and strive for improvement. It emphasizes the importance of surpassing their previous achievements and aiming to do exceptionally well on the test.

E – Erase: Positive thinking is key, and this program instills the belief that students can overcome challenges. They are encouraged to support and uplift one another, creating a positive and supportive environment. When faced with difficult problems, students are taught to relax, remain calm, and breathe.

A – Apply: Test-taking strategies are a vital component of success. “I’m READY!” emphasizes the importance of regular practice and studying, as students take practice questions throughout the year. It highlights the value of consistent effort and encourages students to get a complete night’s rest and eat a nutritious breakfast on the day of the test.

D – Do Your Best: The program emphasizes the significance of giving 100% effort. By encouraging students to put forth their best, they are empowered to achieve optimal results. Through this approach, “I’m READY!” fosters a sense of personal responsibility and instills a strong work ethic.

Y – You Can: Believing in oneself is essential, and “I’m READY!” reinforces this belief in every student. The program assures students that teachers, as well as the Higher Impact Entertainment team, are committed to their success. By fostering a supportive environment and emphasizing the importance of students’ bright futures, “I’m READY!” aims to build confidence and inspire students to believe in their own abilities.

Additionally, the “I’m READY!” program places a strong emphasis on stress relief, empowerment, and rallying students with encouragement. It acknowledges the stress that students may experience during the test-taking process and provides strategies for alleviating anxiety. By creating a positive and uplifting environment, the program helps students approach the exam with a clear and focused mindset.

“I’m READY!” empowers students to give their best effort, instilling a sense of confidence and self-belief. It serves as a rally cry of encouragement, reminding students that they know what to do and have the skills necessary to succeed. The program boosts students’ confidence by highlighting the test-taking strategies they have learned and providing practical tips. Moreover, “I’m READY!” serves as a platform to express pride and support for the students. It reinforces that the teachers, Higher Impact Entertainment, and the entire school community are proud of their commitment to education and their determination to excel on the STAAR Test.

Participating in the “I’m READY!” Test Preparation assembly program offers numerous benefits for students. By internalizing the program’s message and applying the strategies taught, students gain a sense of preparedness, confidence, and motivation. They develop essential test-taking skills and strategies, along with a positive mindset that will serve them not only during the STAAR Test but also throughout their academic journey. Additionally, the interactive and engaging nature of the program makes the learning experience enjoyable and memorable for the students, creating a lasting impact. “I’m READY!” is a valuable investment in the students’ academic success, providing them with the support and tools they need to excel in their exams and beyond while relieving stress, empowering them to give their best effort, and serving as a rally cry of encouragement and support.