Attention Game Operations Directors, Cheer Coaches, Middle School Mascots, High School Mascots, College Mascots, Corporate Mascots, Seasoned Professional Mascots, and Aspiring Mascots.

2024 Mascot Training Camp!

When: June 22, 2024

Time: 9:30AM-5:30PM

Where: Woodlawn Lake Park Gym

1003 Cincinnati Ave., San Antonio, TX 78201

Cost: $150 (Early Bird before 5/10/24)

              $175 (after 5/10/24)

Attention all middle school, high school, college, professional, and aspiring mascots!  Are you looking for a way to bring your mascot character to life and take your performance to the next level? Your lead Mascot Training Camp Instructor, Jerome Bartlett, is a former New Braunfels High School mascot, Texas State University National Champion mascot, Official NCAA mascot, Round Rock Express mascot, San Antonio Missions mascot, San Antonio Rampage, and San Antonio Spurs mascot. Higher Impact Entertainment’s MASCOT TRAINING CAMP is the perfect opportunity to learn the basics in mascot performer training.

Performers will learn skills, antics, tips and tricks that will be sure to “Impress” your fans. They will learn the art of interaction and activation that will “Motivate” your fans to cheer on your team. Performers will get the chance to learn skits and develop new skits that will provide a “Positive” reflection of your teams values.

Higher Impact Entertainment will continue to work with the performers during the camp as well as keeping in touch with your performer after the camp to make sure they “Achieve” improvement in performance and entertainment. They will learn the importance of being a confident professional entertainer so that the team will continue to have the “Courage” to trust the individual representing the organization. They will learn the importance of working “Together” so that the highest quality product will be available for the fans to see. Performers will also learn “dos and donts” of mascotting.

Every performer will learn maintenance and cleaning tips and tricks that will help save on cleaning costs and smelly complaints. Also each performer will be given exclusive one-on-one training that will help highlight the strong talents that your performer may have and will help develop the skills to improve other talents.

Higher Impact Entertainment offers mascot training services to mascots located in the United States. Mascot camps and one on one mascot training workshops are available. Performers will learn:

  • Character Development
  • Audience Activation
  • In-Crowd Interaction
  • Health and Fitness
  • Skit Development
  • Costume Cleaning
  • Maintenance and Repairs
  • Props and Signage
  • Performance Skills
  • Community Appearances
  • Marketing Strategies
  • Mascot Social Media



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