Without question – someone or something has made an impact on everyone of us! From our earliest years – each individual begins to encounter various situations and circumstances in life that work together to impact our lives and mold us into the person we’ve become today. On a regular basis, our lives are impacted by family, friends, teachers, and even random strangers who contribute to our personal life experiences and help to persuade our way of thinking and how we choose to live our lives. In April 2012, Jerome Bartlett established a foundation to help Bexar County area schools, churches, and non-profit organizations that serve to benefit the community and promote self-development.


The foundation provides monetary grants to our area organizations, but we also do so much more. We offer family friendly entertainment services to assist non-profit agencies with fundraising efforts. We assist many organizations, schools, and churches through motivational educational assemblies and innovative public relations efforts that allow them to gain better visibility in our community. We offer monetary assistance to aide in benevolence, transient, and disaster relief. The BE THE IMPACT FOUNDATION is dedicated to making an impact in the lives of young people and adults through inspirational instruction and motivational interaction.